How will biogas and biomethane help decarbonize industry? We are sharing the EBA factsheet “Industry”.

Інформаційний бюлетень ЄБА «Промисловість» вже на платформі SAF

This factsheet is the fifth in 2023 of the European Biogas Association’s (EBA) information campaign “Biogases: beyond energy”, which focuses on researching different biogas technologies for the development of the European bioeconomy. In total, there will be six such publications throughout the year. Five with Ukrainian translation are already available on the SAF platform.

Biogases will play a pivotal role in delivering Europe’s long-term energy security and climate mitigation objectives, as part of a forward-looking and balanced renewable energy mix. Besides, their benefits go far beyond the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. That is why attention to this source of renewable energy and scientific developments regarding biogas is increasing.

This factsheet explores the role that biomethane plays in meeting industrial needs.

Why is this important?

Industry was responsible for more than a quarter of the EU’s final energy consumption in 2021. However, less than 10% of the industrial energy demand that year was met using renewable sources. Natural gas, in contrast, accounts for 33% of the energy use in the industrial sector.

How can biogases help to decarbonise industrial processes?

  1. Biomethane can directly replace natural gas for both energy and feedstock purposes, because biomethane is just like natural gas: it is chemically equivalent and contains the same amount of energy.
  2. BioLPG can replace fossil LPG using the same delivery method (trucks refilling on-site tanks).
  3. Raw biogas or biomethane can produce renewable electricity, heat and steam on-site via combined heat and power generators (CHP).
  4. Biomethane can be easily sourced using the existing gas networks. It is fully compatible with existing gas infrastructure and end-use appliances (boilers, furnaces, etc.), meaning that there is no adaptation cost for industries already using natural gas.
Інформаційний бюлетень ЄБА «Промисловість» вже на платформі SAF

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