We thank the people’s deputies for the preparation and support of the draft law on amendments to the Customs Code of Ukraine regarding the customs clearance of biomethane No. 9456 dated 03.07.2023. This is a step towards unlocking the export of biomethane.

In particular, to People’s Deputy Yurii Kamelchuk, the first author of the draft law, and Danylo Hetmantsev, Chairman of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy, who reviewed and finalized the document.

Перший крок до розблокування експорту біометану зроблено!

We are also grateful to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and Energy Customs of Ukraine) for their active participation in the preparation of this strategically important law. This is a great step that will contribute to the formation and development of the biomethane industry in Ukraine.

We urge officials to prepare and consider the draft law in the second reading and as a whole as soon as possible.

The basic provision of the draft law

Customs control and customs clearance of biomethane transported by pipeline transport across the customs border of Ukraine, according to foreign economic agreements (contracts), is carried out in the manner provided for natural gas.

Export conditions

  1. Export of biomethane is carried out by biomethane producers who have an account in the biomethane register defined by Article 8-1 of this Law and are directly connected to the gas transportation or gas distribution system using automatic flow devices (automatic chromatographs).
  2. Export of biomethane is permitted only in respect of that amount of biomethane that is fully received (produced) in the customs territory of Ukraine by a resident business entity, and on the condition of providing the customs authority, issued in accordance with Article 8-2 of this Law, with proof of sustainability of the produced biomethane for this amount .

The team of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine is ready to provide all necessary support for the implementation of the provisions.