No, we will not congratulate you on the holiday of spring, beauty and femininity. Let’s talk about the standards of gender equality in the energy sector of Ukraine.

Research “Women and Men in the Energy Sector of Ukraine” / O. Dyachuk, Y. Galustyan, V. Blyzniuk, R. Podolets, G. Trypolska and others; general ed. by G. Gerasimenko // Foundation. G. Böll in Ukraine.

Full of experience, relevant and thorough document.
Even if energy is not your topic, believe me, it will be interesting. Because the issue is bigger and deeper than the energy sector, and today discriminatory policies against women should become a past experience and have no chance in the future.

And you need to start, of course, with yourself.

The study was conducted in 2018-early 2019 by the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with the support of the Foundation Heinrich Böll in Ukraine in order to identify the most pressing gender issues in the field of employment in the energy sector of Ukraine and to find possible ways to solve them to ensure sustainable and socially just development of Ukrainian energy.

Here are some tips on how to motivate society to gender equality:

  • counteracting harassment in any of its manifestations: yes, it is not the norm when a girl is pointed to her place, yes, it is not the norm when a man has to go to a “serious” job, because design, cooking, etc. seems to someone not a courageous enough profession.
  • to pay attention to this issue in the process of raising children, to explain that the profession, style and lifestyle do not depend on gender – there are no “women’s” and “men’s” affairs, there is no standard by which to live.

  • learn to make compliments – move on, and instead of “you’re so beautiful” or “you’re so strong” praise a colleague’s successful decision on an important issue, paying attention to the professionalism, attentiveness and responsibility of the person.
  • the income gap between men and women who do equal work is a relic of the past, and everyone should understand that, without options.
  • a woman is not obliged to cook, clean, wash and do other “women’s” things, if she is tired and wants to lie on the couch, she should not feel the oppression of public disapproval. It is perfectly normal if a couple does household chores together or in turn. It is absolutely normal when both work, when both raise children. Isn’t that why they start a family?
  • In the 21st century, the home will go out if, instead of a healthy and equal relationship, a woman MUST be a housewife and a man MUST provide for everyone. Of course, if a woman enjoys doing household chores and a man enjoys work and can provide for his family, that’s great, and this family model is just as acceptable as a million others. Just don’t compare, each story is unique.
  • a woman is not obliged, even in a male team, to do what no one wants to do, show respect and offer to discuss job responsibilities so that the person feels comfortable and professionally developed.
  • stop giving advice or condemning, just remember how annoying it is sometimes when they interfere in your personal space with stereotypical views and recommendations for all occasions.
  • no one owes anyone anything, each of us has the right to live life as he wishes. Our advice: enjoy!