Arguments from UABIO why this is so:
  1. This is the LARGEST BIOMASS RESOURCE in Ukraine. Only the energy potential of by-products of corn for grain during harvesting up to 40% of the total mass was about 3.6 million tons of oil equivalent in 2018-2019. In addition, corn grain can be processed into bioethanol, and corn silage can be used as raw material for biogas production.
  2. Rational harvesting of by-products of corn for grain ensures PRESERVATION OF SOIL FERTILITY. According to research in the United States, partial harvesting of corn stalks from the fields may even increase next year’s corn yield.
  3. In most cases, boiler equipment designed for burning wood chips is suitable for burning chips from corn stalks.
  4. Corn stalks harvesting in the form of bales is quite real! This is confirmed by the extensive experience of the United States.
  5. Fuel characteristics of corn stalks similar to wood and are much better than straw (see the table in Ukrainian):
  • higher melting point of ash;
  • lower sulfur and chlorine content.

More information on the energy usage of corn by-products in UABIO position papers №16 and № 23: