Member of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, Polissya National University, which trains highly qualified specialists and has a strong material and technical base.

Polissya National University and the Faculty of Engineering and Energy train candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy according to the educational and scientific program “Industrial Engineering”.

The uniqueness of the program is that applicants can combine scientific work with practical activities, in particular in the field of technical bioenergy. The peculiarity of the program is its focus on the analytical and practical organization of research and educational process.

Training of applicants is performed in the following areas: 

  • Substantiation of parameters and process of work of the gas-generating power module adapted to raw materials of a vegetable origin;
  • Substantiation of parameters of equipment and processes of conversion of biomass of agricultural origin in closed chambers;
  • Mechanical and technological substantiation of mechanized processes of organic production;
  • Substantiation of parameters of equipment for production of diesel NGO-biofuel in agricultural enterprises, etc.

In the process of scientific research, applicants develop and improve photovoltaic systems; heating systems based on solid fuel boilers; systems for the use of straw and shredded wood for thermal and energy needs, systems for the production and use of diesel biofuels and biooil, systems for the production and use of biogas and generator gas, systems and complexes of environmentally safe tillage, aquaculture systems and others.

The action-oriented approach contributes to the acquisition of experience for further implementation of their own research.

Polissya National University

The university has an educational and scientific class of tillage and sowing machines, an educational and scientific class of machine use in animal husbandry as well as an educational and scientific class of processing.

Крім того, на базі факультету інженерії те енергетики є лабораторія транспортного та ремонтно-технічного забезпечення навчального процесу кафедри машиновикористання та сервісу технологічних систем, а також навчально-виробнича лабораторія кафедри процесів, машин і обладання в агроінженерії.

And the scientific and innovative institute of engineering of agro-industrial production and energy efficiency has initiative laboratories of bioenergy systems and energy audit and energy saving. All laboratories and classrooms are equipped with modern technical means, visual materials, measuring and recording devices and other equipment.

Scientific cooperation of the university in Ukraine and abroad

The practical orientation of the program involves the cooperation of Polissya University with the Institute of Technical Thermophysics of the NAS of Ukraine, the Institute of Renewable Energy of the NAS of Ukraine, the Institute of Agriculture of Polissya, NSC “Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture”.

Applicants and teachers regularly participate in international scientific competitions, carry out joint research projects with the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Center (Hungary), the Agricultural Academy of Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering of the US State University and other universities.

This undoubtedly provides access to scientometric databases, in particular Scopus, the Web of Science Core Collection, as well as systematic communication with the international academic community. All information is provided free of charge through the use of distance learning tools, such as Moodle. In addition, the presence of a repository, electronic schedule, the necessary professional publications in the library of the Free Economic Zone facilitates independent training of candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.