UABIO experts highlighted the main measures that relate to the field of bioenergy envisaged by the recently presented Strategy for Sustainable Energy and Industry Development of Ukraine.

1. Short-term measures

  • Review of the energy balance and filling the electricity market with liquidity, in particular: “Start the introduction of an auction model of RES support.”

2. Medium-term measures

  • Diversification of resource supply, in particular: “To organize the state policy to stimulate the construction of green energy facilities, to develop the infrastructure of storage capacities, to increase the share of biomass in the generation of electricity and heat.” 
  • Sustainable development of United Energy System, RES, and hydrogen energy.

3. Long-term measures

  • Optimization of the structure of generating capacities, in particular: “Start the development of a logistics system for collection, transportation, and processing of biomass to increase the generation of clean energy. To provide stimulation of the production of the power equipment in Ukraine, in particular for hydrogen power “.

IMPORTANT: The criterion for achieving this goal should be the share of renewable energy sources in the total primary energy supply at the level of 12% in 2025, including:

  • energy of biomass, waste and biofuels – 6.9%;
  • solar and wind energy – 2.4%;

hydropower and thermal energy by 1.1% respectively.

  • Introduction of the hydrogen energy market, in particular: “Creation of a legislative field and approval of state standards necessary for the transparent and safe functioning of the hydrogen energy market, in particular international trade in this resource. Establishment of an international consortium for hydrogen production and operation of infrastructure that will carry out transportation and storage. The signing of the Agreement with the EU on co-financing of hydrogen energy projects. Unloading of the Black Sea from excess hydrogen sulfide, followed by the release of hydrogen for the needs of domestic and international markets.
  • Development of utility markets, in particular: “Develop and implement local programs for modernization of heat infrastructure, in particular to optimize local energy systems by taking into account the potential of local fuels, supply logistics, local and national energy infrastructure.”

What are the plans for energy transition and European integration?

Complete full technical, institutional and legislative integration into European energy markets, as well as the Green Deal.

Source: Strategy of Sustainable Energy and Industry Development of Ukraine (in Ukrainian).