A solid fuel boiler house with a capacity of 10.5 MW, which runs on biomass, provides 40% of the Slavutych city’s needs for heat and hot water. Kindergartens, schools, medical institutions, and other social facilities are a priority.

As a result, the city saves 7 million cubic meters of natural gas. And this is millions of hryvnias. This is one of the most powerful boiler houses in Ukraine. The boiler house belongs to the Ukrteplo group of companies, which is a member of UABIO.

City plans

  • construction of a bioTPP with a total capacity of 12.5 MW per hour of electricity, which will also produce 25 GCal / h of heat energy;
  • to plant about 1,500 hectares of energy willow to provide the boiler house and the TPP with wood raw materials.

Green transition of Slavutych

A green energy cluster in Slavutych is planned to create so that the city can completely abandon the use of natural gas in housing and communal services. The relevant Memorandum of Cooperation between the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving in Ukraine, Slavutych City Council, and the Ukrteplo group of companies was signed in 2017.

Ukrteplo Group of Companies is one of the leaders in renewable energy sector in Ukraine. The company was established in 2011 and operates in 14 regions of Ukraine, as well as other countries Moldova and Hungary. The company has more than 1,000 implemented projects.