Welcome to the UABIO team new member  – a German leading innovative company Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG!

The company, which has been successfully working for 90 years, develops advanced technologies for agricultural machinery, biogas industry, industry, transport, and wastewater. It has great innovation experience, which is confirmed by a large number of awards.


Many of Vogelsang’s developments in the fields of pump, maceration, spreading, and biogas technology are today’s leading products on the global market.

The company ensures the highest production quality through its research, development, and production in Germany. As an international company, Vogelsang also operates production centers in the country and abroad. The number of subsidiaries and representative offices of the company, which work all over the world, is constantly growing. Vogelsang provides technology-leading products and excellent service in over 25 countries worldwide. 

Sustainable approach

The product range relies on sustainable technologies such as biogas, recycling or wastewater treatment plants. One such example is the vacuum disposal system we developed. 

The company’s goal is to manufacture strong and durable products using environmentally friendly production processes. This is achieved thanks to modern solar energy systems, energy-saving air conditioning technologies, and the implementation of energy recovery measures at production facilities.

Corporate social responsibility of the company

In 2009, the Vogelsang Foundation was founded. The capital reaches 200,000 euros. The purpose of the foundation is supporting sports, eduction, research and science, charity as well as supporting arts and culture, protecting the environment, helping the youth and elderly and preventing crime.

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