On November 22, the team of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine united with leading international organizations in the bioenergy sector, signing a joint letter regarding the recognition of imported biomethane and biomethane-based fuels under the Union database (UDB).

You can read the original text in English and the Ukrainian translation.

Content of the letter

There is a need for immediate and full recognition of imported biomethane and biomethane-based fuels by the European Union database (UDB).

The intention of the European Commission to stop the automatic certification of biomethane may lead to negative consequences.

What will it affect?

  1. It will directly hinder imports of biomethane to the EU, notably from the US, UK and Ukraine.
  2. It will also impact biomethane-based fuels such as biomethanol: for biomethanol plants, relying on biomethane injected to the gas grid is preferred over other modes of transport which may have economic, environmental and technical downsides.
  3. It will negatively affect hydrogen and its derivatives in the near future.
  4. It will impact the attractiveness of the EU for the import of these fuels, endangering the investments made by partners in third countries and ultimately eroding their long-term trust.
  5. It will hinder the achievement of the energy and climate ambitions of the EU.

Read more about the issues and solutions proposed by the co-signatories in the letter.


This letter was signed by the following authoritative organizations:

  • EFET – European Federation of Energy Traders
  • ERGaR – European Renewable Gas Registry
  • Eurogas
  • GIE – Gas Infrastructure Europe
  • Methanol Institute
  • UABIO – Bioenergy Association of Ukraine
  • RNG Coalition – US Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas
  • WBA – World Biogas Association