We congratulate LLC “LVN LIMITED” (Nemiroff) on receiving a grant — 1.3 million euros — from GIZ Ukraine for co-financing the construction of a biogas complex for the processing of stillage, as a waste product of alcohol production!

Biomass Scientific Research Center, a member of the Association, was the executor of the feasibility study, and also provided advisory support during the preparation of the package of documents submitted for receiving this grant by LLC “LVN LIMITED”.

We sincerely support this project, because it is a qualitatively new level of waste management! It will become the first industrial biogas production plant based on grain stillage in Ukraine. And in line with the support of this sector from international partners and the economic validity of the project, we predict the development of this direction and rapid scaling!

Nemiroff отримала грант від GIZ Ukraine

We are convinced that the implementation of this project will become an important argument for the owners of other distilleries in Ukraine to consider the direction of biogas and biomethane production for their companies. Importantly, such projects can attract additional funding from international organizations.

Experts of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and SEC Biomass have extensive experience in the development of feasibility studies for such projects and are ready to consult you. Therefore, apply in a convenient way.

About the project

  • The company “LVN LIMITED” (Nemiroff) received a grant in the amount of 20% of CAPEX (over 1.3 million euros).
  • According to the plan, the project will be implemented in 18 months.
  • The main raw material for the production of biogas will be the waste of the distillery – stillage.
  • Despite the fact that the plant has not operated for about 10 years, the ground tanks for stillage are still filled with residual waste.
  • The installation will produce biogas, which can replace 7.4 million m³ of natural gas per year. As a result, it will be possible to reduce carbon emissions by 5.5 thousand tons of CO2 eq./year
  • The implementation of this project will allow LLC “LVN LIMITED” to ensure the energy security of the enterprise’s production cycle. The processing of the entire volume of stillage covers almost 100% of the production needs of the distillery in natural gas.
  • Additional positive effects from the implementation of the project will be the ecological fertilizers production and new jobs creation.
  • The construction project complies with the principles of Directive 2010/75/EU on the control of industrial pollution in terms of organic waste management.

This grant agreement entails the implementation of a significant project for the reconstruction of the Nemyrіv Distillery and the construction of a biogas complex under the framework of the international technical assistance project “Best Available Techniques (BAT) for Ukraine,” which is being executed by GIZ on behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety, and Consumer Protection of Germany (BMUV).