Here you will find the latest news from the biomethane, biogas and renewable energy sector. Download the Second International Newsletter of the BIOMETHAVERSE project.

BIOMETHAVERSE: Другий бюлетень проєкту

BIOMETHAVERSE (Demonstrating and Connecting Production Innovations in the Biomethane Universe) sets out to diversify the technology basis for biomethane production in Europe, increase its cost-effectiveness and contribute to the uptake of biomethane technologies.
To this aim, 5 innovative biomethane production pathways will be demonstrated in five European countries: France, Greece, Italy, Sweden and Ukraine.

The newsletter contains information about the project activities and ideas of the BIOMETHAVERSE research group, as well as news of the project itself, and is also available in two languages: Ukrainian and English.

We advise you to read in the newsletter about the first Investment Forecast in the biomethane sector from the European Biogas Association (EBA), which aims to increase biomethane production. It is interesting that 18 billion euros have been reserved until 2030 in order to ensure the increase in biomethane production. Thanks to these investments, additional system-wide benefits for our society are created in the amount of up to 7.9 billion euros per year.

In addition, a new record was set for biomethane production in Europe — download the newsletter to view the 2022-2023 Biomethane Map.

The second newsletter of the project also provide information about national policies in the field of biogas/energy and their transformation in accordance with the general regulatory trends in the EU and the innovation scenarios presented in the REPowerEU Plan, introduced in May 2022. In addition, the project celebrated the first year of its work, so in the newsletter you can read about the achievements, results and plans of BIOMETHAVERSE for the future.

News from Ukraine

BIOMETHAVERSE: Другий бюлетень проєкту
  • The Ukrainian biogas sector has potential in terms of both the availability of raw materials and the demand for biogas. 
  • The total annual energy potential of biogas/biomethane production in Ukraine is estimated at 21.8 bcm СН4 (18.7 toe).
  • The main production of biogas/biomethane can be achieved due to the use of agricultural crop residues, increasing the area under energy crops, as well as developing the practice of growing cover crops.
  • Currently, there is a great interest in the production of biomethane from large agricultural companies that have sufficient amount of their own raw materials.
  • The first Ukrainian biomethane was generated by Gals-Agro company in March 2023.

Ukraine is one of the project’s strategic partners and a demonstration site. The importance of replacing natural gas and production of renewable gases, primarily biomethane, increased with the russian invasion of Ukraine. As a result, on February 2, 2023, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Kyiv between the European Union and Ukraine on strategic partnership regarding biomethane, hydrogen and other synthetic gases. This partnership should focus on the green transition and decarbonisation of energy sectors. In particular, it should facilitate the production, trade, transportation, storage and use of biomethane.

The project involves the company MHP Eco Energy, on the basis of which research will be conducted, as well as the team of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, whose experts will accompany the project. The biogas plant of MHP Eco Energy has an installed electrical capacity of 12 MW, produces biogas from 330 t/d of chicken manure and other agricultural waste, producing 85,000,000 kWh of electricity per year. Today, the demonstration site has already started its work.