On June 18, MHP together with partners held a workshop “Soil Fertility Restoration & Organic Fertilizers: Environmental, Efficiency, Economic Effect”. The Bioenergy Association co-organized the event.

UABIO Head of the Board Georgii Geletukha and UABIO expert Petro Kucheruk made a presentation “Possibilities of usage of digestate from biogas plants as fertilizers.”

The key event was the presentation of the MHP program “Organic Hectare”. Dmytro Melnyk, Head of the Energy Innovation Department of PJSC “Myronivsky Hliboproduct”, said that MHP offers pilot fertilization based on Biogas facility to neighboring farms and agricultural enterprises in Vinnytsia region. In exchange for effective biofertilizers, in turn, farmers provide straw from their lands.

Finally, the participants of the seminar visited the biogas complex in Ladyzhyn and the facilities of BTU-Center.

At LLC Vinnytsia Poultry Farm, MHP Agroindustrial Holding has put into operation the first stage of a 12 MW biogas complex. After the complete commissioning of the biogas complex, LLC Vinnytsia Poultry Farm will be the most innovative and large-scale in Europe. The energy production of the complex meets high environmental standards.

The uniqueness of the biogas complex:

  • processing 100% chicken litter;
  • 100% purification of biogas from hydrogen sulfide;
  • a 10 km gas pipeline for biogas transportation has been built.

During the seminar, a representative of BTU-Center spoke about innovative biological products for crops fertilizing, as well as the peculiarities of its production.

BTU-Center is a Ukrainian manufacturer of microbial and enzyme preparations for agriculture. Among the products: lines for plant protection and nutrition, soil remediation, biological products for animal husbandry, etc. Importantly, the company’s products are approved for use in organic farming, as evidenced by the Organic Standard certificate.