Recently, large and highly efficient biogas complexes have been built in Ukraine. Yuzefo-Mykolaiv Biogas Company is one of the leaders in this field. The biogas complex project was implemented by the Ukrainian Technology Company (UTC), which is a member of UABIO.

Last week, the UABIO team visited the biogas complex. We thank the head of UTC Eugene Lukashevych for the invitation.


Most importantly about the company

Two years ago, one biogas reactor (8000 m3) was built with a booster (4500 m3), and the installed electric capacity was 3 MW. We remind you that we have already written about the launch in 2019 of the first stage of the biogas complex of the Yuzefo-Mykolayiv Biogas Company in the village of Mykhailyn of Vinnytsia region. Over the past two years, the complex has undergone significant changes.


Current condition and capacity of the complex

  • The second stage of the complex was built, that include:
    • the second reactor with a volume of 8000 m3,
    • additional hydrolysis reactor,
    • system of biological purification of biogas from hydrogen sulfide,
    • a comprehensive system for loading different types of raw materials.
  • A third Caterpillar engine was installed, resulting in a total electric power increase of 5.2 MW.
UTC project
UTC project

Features of the biogas complex

Ukrainian equipmentUkrainian equipment

During the construction process, equipment of Ukrainian production was used. There are several biogas producers in Ukraine that have received a 5% surcharge on the green tariff for using more than 30% of local equipment. However, Yuzefo-Mykolaiv Biogas Complex is the only company that receives a 10% surcharge. This means that the share of local equipment in this project is over 50%.

Different types of raw materials

The complex provides the simultaneous operation of eight lines of loading of different types of raw materials. The main raw material for biogas production – the pulp – a by-product of sugar production at the Yuzefo-Mykolayiv Sugar Plant. In addition, other by-products of agriculture can be used as an alternative. Currently, in addition to pulp, bard, fuze, fats after meat processing, various green wastes, as well as wheat straw are used. The latter needs special attention.

Cereal straw can be a source of biogas in Ukraine. There are virtually unlimited resources for this type of raw material. However, the use of straw requires careful preparation. To do this, the straw is crushed with hammer crushers and fed to the hydrolysis reactor. In the future, the complex will be able to process up to 50 tons of straw per day.

UTC project
UTC biogas project


In total, 900 tons of raw materials are processed per day and up to 110,000 m3 of biogas are produced. This is a very high figure for this hardware configuration.

Use of produced biogas

At the height of the sugar season, most of the biogas is fed to the sugar plant for technological needs and to replace natural gas. At current gas prices for industry, such a consumption scheme is more profitable compared to the sale of electricity at a “green” tariff, even with a 10% surcharge.

Find more about the Ukrainian Technology Company on the website.