On September 27, an important international event took place, the focus of which was to update the Ukrainian energy issue, in particular, the production of renewable gases. We share the conclusions.

The business forum on renewable gases took place within the framework of a joint initiative of the European Commission and Ukraine. The event was organized by the Energy Community. The public union “Global 100RE Ukraine” and the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine are partners of the Forum. For greater involvement of participants, the event was held in a hybrid format (offline and online).

International financial institutions, energy investment companies, energy traders, auditing companies, biomethane producers took part in the work of the Forum. The Ukrainian team was represented by the most powerful players of the market, in particular, Anna Zamazieieva, Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, Oleksandr Dombrovskyi and Ivan Traxler (MHP Eco Energy), Oleh Riabov (Gals Agro), Serhii Savchuk (Vitagro), Yevhen Lukashevych and Dmytro Krasutsky (Yuzefo-Mykolaiv biogas company), Andrii Grinenko (Clear Energy), Reik Ellmann (Avangardco), as well as Oleksandr Riepkin (Ukrainian Hydrogen Council), Yaroslav Kryl (Voden Ukraine LLC), and Dmytro Vasyliev (Global 100%REnewable UA).

This event is a logical strengthening of cooperation under the Memorandum of understanding between the European Union and Ukraine on a Strategic Partnership on Biomethane, Hydrogen and other Synthetic Gases.

The purpose of the Forum was the presentation of sustainable and innovative projects in the value chain of renewable gases in Ukraine, the establishment of relations with private sector investors, the analysis of regulatory aspects and experience in the development of decarbonized gases in the EU.

Marosh Šefčovych, Vice President of the European Commission, opened the event with his speech. He expressed support for Ukraine and emphasized the potential we have in the energy sector.

The event outlined the state of the biomethane and green hydrogen sectors in Ukraine. In particular, legal and legislative norms, as well as strategic and political plans.

The situation in Ukraine was outlined by Andrii Zhupanyn, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, initiator of the adoption of legislation on the biomethane industry development, and Mykola Kolisnyk, Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine. State representatives outlined strategic plans for biomethane and hydrogen, a review of the legal framework of Ukraine, as well as already implemented initiatives to improve the investment climate for RES projects.

Download the presentation of Mykola Kolisnyk

In continuation of the review of Ukrainian legislation and reforming the energy sector, Anna Zamazieieva, Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, which is responsible for the direction of renewable gases, spoke about the promotion of legislation, the development of the Biomethane Register and the further development of the sector.

Georgii Geletukha, Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, presented an overview of the potential of biomethane in Ukraine, current developments and plans. He said that biomethane is the optimal solution for Ukraine due to its readiness to be pumped into the gas transportation system and the practically inexhaustible resource of raw materials. In his presentation, he cited UABIO’s calculations regarding the profitability of biomethane projects in Ukraine today.

Download the presentation of Georgii Geletukha

The expert also published a list of companies that currently carry out feasibility studies or already have relevant documents and calculations. Georgii Geletukha concluded his report with an overview of the optimistic scenario of the development of the biomethane market in Ukraine until 2050.

Ukrainian RES projects

During the second section, powerful Ukrainian projects implemented in Ukraine were presented.

Oleh Riabov spoke about the experience of biomethane production of the Gals Agro company. This is the first implemented project in Ukraine.

Download the presentation of Oleh Riabov

Serhii Savchuk presented the Vitagro company and talked about the European integration of the agricultural sector and the project’s investment prospects.

Download the presentation of Serhii Savchuk

Dmytro Vasyliev presented the Teofipol Energy Company, talked about the uniqueness of Green Energy Park Teofipol and the production of 2nd generation biogas, biomethane, bioethanol.

Download the presentation about Green Energy Park Teofipol

Yevhen Lukashevych presented the Yuzefo-Mykolaiv biogas company and talked about the production of biomethane from sugar beet waste.

Download the presentation of Yevhen Lukashevych

Andrii Grinenko spoke about the activities of Clear Energy company and their innovative carbon-free BioLNG production technology without the use of refrigerants.

Download the presentation of Andrii Grinenko

Reik Ellmann presented the Avangard company and its “GreenEggs HUB”, which provides the production of biomethane from egg waste.

Download the presentation of Reik Ellmann

Business Forum on bio-methane and green hydrogen

Oleksandr Dombrovskyi and Ivan Traxler talked about the experience of MHP Eco Energy, in particular innovative projects: biomethanization, green H2, decarbonization and integration of biosynergy in Ukraine; as well as the strategy of R&I potential in cooperation with Horizon Europe and UA RES Business.

Download the presentation of Oleksandr Dombrovskyi and Ivan Traxler

Finally, Oleksandr Riepkin, Member of the Board of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council and Yaroslav Kryl, CEO of Voden Ukraine LLC, spoke about Ukrainian developments in the field of hydrogen energy.

Download the presentation of Oleksandr Riepkin

In addition, an analysis of European supply chains, the legislative framework and the embodied experience of market players in Europe was presented, as well as an analysis of the experience of Ukrainian stakeholders and projects at the initial stage of implementation in Ukraine.

Download the presentations of the speakers

Authorities and market players had a good opportunity to discuss important issues of concern to supply chain participants in bilateral and multilateral discussions.

Thanks to the organizers and participants of the event!